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M’s Music and Repair is located in the city of Longmont, Colorado.  We offer musical instrument rental and repair services to local musicians.

Rental instruments
We carry a wide variety of brass, woodwind, and stringed instruments for students, as well as percussion kits.  We are happy to offer high quality musical instruments from reputable makers for affordable monthly payments. 
Instrument repair
Our head tech/owner, Maya, has more than 15 years of repair experience and is a nationally certified NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Tech) repair tech.  She specializes in repairing band instruments and works on orchestral stringed instruments as well.  Maya’s experience prior to M’s Music and Repair includes ten years as the main repair tech at Miller Music of Longmont, CO, until it closed in the summer 2016.

Since we do both rental and in-house repair, all rental instruments are thoroughly maintained, adjusted and repaired by our repair tech.  We are proud of our quality instruments.

We are at 1146 Francis Street, Longmont CO 80501.  For Longmont customers, you can also visit our affiliated music lesson studio, FUZZ MUSIC STUDIOS, at 463 Main Street, Longmont, CO. 80501 (720-494-2623).  At FUZZ MUSIC STUDIOS, you can sign up for a new rental, drop off/pick up an instrument, and/or make payments.  You can also try out an instrument before renting.