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Privacy Policy (Last modified 11/8/2017)
1) Private information we collect from you 
In the course of doing business, we ask directly or indirectly for your private information.  For rental customers, we ask for your name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card number, email address, driver’s license number, and, if applicable, your child’s name and school.  We also collect your private information from third party partners such as our affiliate stores.  For repair and purchase customers, we ask for name, address, phone number, credit card number, email address.
2) Why we ask for your private information
We ask for sensitive private information to process business transactions, but also for security reasons.  We ask for a social security number and/or driver’s license number for security reasons as, for small down payments, we rent musical instruments whose values are sometimes several thousands of dollars. If you feel uncomfortable sharing social security info, please let us know. 
3) Use of private information
We use your private information to conduct and operate our business or communicate with you.  We use your information in the following ways.
a. Internal usage
i. Your name, address and credit card number information is used to process monthly rental payments.
ii. Your name and mailing address are used to deliver your instrument, send purchased products, or mail billing statements.
iii. Your name, email address, phone number help us communicate with you.
iv. Your child’s name and school info (for rental customers only) is used to deliver instruments to school or sometimes to communicate with school band/orchestra instructors to discuss your child’s specific needs. 
b. External usage -- For Delinquent Accounts:
Your name, address, social security number and driver’s license number (for rental customers only) will not be used unless your account becomes delinquent.  If your account becomes delinquent, we use the information to collect on the debt, retrieve the rented instrument and/or file a police report for stolen rental property.  
4) Sharing your information 
We do not sell or share your private information with third parties except:
a. Business transactions:  We may share your private information with our third-party partners and vendors to process business transactions.  For example, we share your billing address, credit card number information with our credit card processors to process payments. We also share your private information with our affiliate stores, where you pick up/drop off your instruments or make payments. 
b. Request from law enforcement:  We share your private information with law enforcement if required by law.
c. Delinquency: In the event of account delinquency, we share your private information with, for example, law enforcement, collection agencies, investigators, and/or credit bureaus in order to file reports of stolen rental property, collect monies due, research updated addresses, report unpaid debt, etc.
d. Change in business ownership:  In the event that ownership of the business is transferred in whole or in part, your private information will be transferred to the new owner.