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Why Rent a Musical Instrument for Your Child?
For most parents, it is an exciting moment. Their child comes home from school and announces that they have decided they want to take band or orchestra classes. Maybe you have read how students who study music perform better academically, have better spatial-temporal skills and more refined language proficiency. Perhaps, you had always wanted to play a musical instrument but never had the chance and are proud you can provide that joy to your kids.

Regardless of the reason, it can be an exciting time but is also a time to be practical. If your child is going to learn to play they are going to need an instrument.

Why not to buy a musical instrument.
Quality musical instruments are not cheap. You may consider buying low-grade instruments but these can be frustrating and hard for your child to play and learn on and if they break most are not worth the time and effort to have repaired.

You could try to get a deal by buying a used instrument online. It has to be remembered though that playable is a very relative term. Musical instruments are precision machines. If they haven't been properly cleaned and maintained you could be buying someone else's headaches and expensive repair bills.

Besides all of these considerations, you have to remember that you are dealing with a kid. Today they want to be a violinist and tomorrow a saxophonist. Or sadly, they could get bored and stop playing altogether leaving you with an instrument to try and sale or gather dust.

The simple solution to all of these issues is to rent a musical instrument for your child.

Why renting a musical instrument is the best solution.
Renting a musical instrument brings many benefits to both you and your child. Here are a few things to consider.

Flexibility and Protection
For your child, you will be giving them the advantage of learning to play on a properly performing quality instrument and the freedom to explore different instruments if they desire. At M’s Music and Repair, we don't carry any poorly manufactured instruments. All the instruments we carry are from reputable brands known for their quality and performance.

For you, there is the advantage of avoiding the costly investment that an excellent instrument requires. For less than the expense of most monthly mobile plans, you can give your child the greatest possible advantage toward learning to love creating music. It has long been established that students who learn on better quality instruments are more likely to continue musical studies long term.

If your child should decide to swap instruments or needs a larger size instrument, as they grow, you can easily make exchanges without cluttering up your home with more than one instrument. If they decide to quit playing all together you can simply return the instrument and you are done. No penalties are charged against your account and you aren't left with any instruments to try and get your money back out of.

Repair and Maintenance Plans
If you buy an instrument, it is yours. All of the normal maintenance costs associated with it is yours. If it is damaged the repairs will all have to come out of your pocket. Musical instruments are very precise devices and even small repairs may cost you hundreds of dollars.

When you rent from M’s Music and Repair, you can choose from any of our three protection plans. They range from 3-9 dollars a month and at the platinum level leave you worry-free. Even if the instrument is stolen, run over by a car or your child drops it out a window, it has happened, you are covered at no additional expense.

When you rent a musical instrument from M's Music and Repair (we are located in Longmont, CO) you are avoiding the pitfalls of buying used or cheap, providing your child with an instrument that is of fine quality and has been fully inspected and cleaned by our professional technician before being sent out and saving yourself money in the process.