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What is your return policy on rental instruments?

Return your rental any time! No long-term contracts. Just give us a call and we will pick the instrument up.

What protection plans do you offer?

We require all renters to choose one of the following protection plans:

Silver Plan:

  • Covers normal wear-and-tear
  • Available at $3.00 per month

Gold Plan:

  • Covers accidental damage in addition to normal wear-and-tear
  • $15 deductible (per incident)
  • Available at $6.00 per month

Platinum Plan:

  • Covers all wear-and-tear and accidental damage
  • No deductible
  • Protects the instrument from fire and theft (police report necessary)
  • Available at $9.00 per month

How does your musical instrument rental program works?

  • Our rental program is a "rent-to-own" program. All principal payments are credited toward the option to purchase the instrument. "Principal payment" is the base rental rate and does not include either tax or protection plan payment.
  • If the instrument is returned, any existing credit cannot be used towards other instruments.

Can I switch instruments?

  • Yes, you can switch instruments. We understand your child may have started with the clarinet and later decides to switch to the trumpet, for example.
  • Also stringed instruments need to be upsized as a child grows. Your child may have started playing with a smaller-sized instrument, but needs to switch to a larger size. No problem!